A League of Her Own: Inside the World of Michele Van Kleef

Women in music, the Marriage of Figaro, and life on the road Singer-songwriter Michele Van Kleef has already accomplished what most indie musicians dream of—touring with a successful band; opening up for award-winning acts like Train, Sarah McLachlan, and Ani DiFranco; and getting prime placement in some of the most popular shows on TV. And

The Andrews Sisters: Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

In honor of Patty Andrews, youngest of the world-famous sisters singing group the Andrews Sisters! Patty would have been 96 today. With their tight-woven harmonies and signature style that continue to influence music today, the Andrews Sisters were the first female singing group to hit the million mark with their version of ‘Bei Mir Bist

Ladies Rise Up and Rock in Portland

Ladies Rise Up and Rock has officially announced the city for its next showcase! The venue will be in the beautiful and music-rich city of Portland, Oregon, and will feature singer-songwriter Michele Van Kleef. Details are currently in the works and will be announced very shortly. The show is tentatively set for spring of next

J.D. Souther Inducted into Songwriters Hall of Fame

Friend and supporter of Ladies Rise Up and Rock J.D. Souther was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame on Thursday, June 13. Souther was the writer of the Eagles’ hits Heartache Tonight, Victim of Love, and New Kid In Town. “Songwriting is like trying to start a car on ice,” he said. It was

Ladies Rise Up and Rock Kicks Off in San Francisco

Indie All-Stars Joined by Tribute Goddesses Zepparella in Inaugural Show SAN FRANCISCO, California (March 19, 2013) – Innovative new concert series Ladies Rise Up and Rock will launch Saturday, March 23, at the Regency Lodge in San Francisco, CA. Rising indie stars Kiwi Time and the Wellspring join Fender guitar goddess Gretchen Menn to kick

Creating Inspiration: A Glimpse Inside the World of Samantha Hale

A rising star in the world of modern comedy, Samantha Hale is a powerhouse of creativity and storytelling, connecting the world and all ages with the power of music. With a background rich in creative talent, Samantha does it all—stand-up comedian, filmmaker, and also published author. By finding inspiration (and inspiration finding her), Samantha is