Ladies Rise Up and Rock in Portland

Ladies Rise Up and Rock has officially announced the city for its next showcase!

The venue will be in the beautiful and music-rich city of Portland, Oregon, and will feature singer-songwriter Michele Van Kleef. Details are currently in the works and will be announced very shortly. The show is tentatively set for spring of next year, 2014. Carl Mancuso, founder of Ladies Rise Up and Rock, said on our official Facebook:

"One thing I can say is that the show will be very entertaining, covering a wide range of songs made famous by a host of legendary female singers from past to present. Michele Van Kleef has the knowledge of the material and the versatility, and will be joined by some of her favorite guest singers. Her band, led by Tim Ellis, is one of the best in Portland. More excellent news coming, including a few notes about how Michele's new CD is coming along."

In the meantime, follow Ladies Rise Up on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. To help sponsor the event, contact us here.

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