Ladies Rise Up and Rock Donates PRS SE Electric Guitar to 10-Year-Old Paulina McWalters

Ladies Rise Up and Rock was happy to donate a beautiful brand new royal blue PRS SE electric guitar to a rocking female student in sunny Roseville, CA. The student of One Eleven Studios, Paulina McWalters, is just ten years old, and this is her first electric guitar though she has been playing acoustic. Carl J. Mancuso, founder of Ladies Rise Up and Rock, approached colleague Michele Jennae of Michele Jennae Media regarding the donation. This is from Michele, her story on the journey of the guitar...

Paulina McWalters with Michele Jennae and Jayson Angove

Paulina McWalters with Michele Jennae and Jayson Angove

Paulina McWalters received a stunning blue PRS SE Electric Guitar just one week ago. What is even more stunning is this ten-year-old’s dedication to music.

She was chosen to be the recipient of the guitar, valued at approximately $600 USD because her guitar teacher Jayson Angove of One Eleven Studios, thought that she would be a stellar representation of the mission of Ladies Rise Up and Rock, through which the guitar donation came.

In an interesting display of networking and good will at its finest. I met Carl Mancuso of Upswing PR, the producer of Ladies Rise Up And Rock Concert, online via Twitter, and we soon became fast friends because of our dedication to and involvement in the music industry. Carl regularly promoted artists to me to be aired on my internet radio show, and he often took part in the group chat and connected with other musicians and music fans there.

Carl asked me if I would like to participate in the donation of the guitar to a worthy student. I did not have to be asked twice! When I told Jayson, who is also my guitar teacher, he was ecstatic.

Paulina McWaltersAnd he knew right away just who would get the guitar. I was just excited to be the delivery person!

Paulina has been a student of Jayson’s for less than a year. She started taking piano lessons at One Eleven Studios before picking up the guitar as well. Participating in open mics, singing and playing, this little wonder will not be stopped. She even figured out Skyfall by Adele by ear on her own, and now plays it on her acoustic.

Jayson told me, “She has an acoustic but she has wanted an electric for a while. She has a lot of talent and she really loves to play music, and it shows.”

In a demure voice, Paulina said “Thank you Jayson,” as the guitar was handed over to her, and added, “Blue is my favorite color.” Paulina’s favorite musicians are Adele, Jimi Hendrix, Taylor Swift, and AC/DC, quite the eclectic mix for a ten year old. When asked how Jayson was as a teacher, she said, “I like being challenged.”

Enough said.

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