Kiwi Time

kiwi_time_hires_sqKiwi Time is a fresh independent rock band from San Francisco playing original, deeply rooted melodies brought to life by frontwoman Anna Makovchik's voice. With heartfelt lyrics and catchy riffs, you can't help but move with the music. They are as young as they are new and have managed to captivate San Francisco in a little over a year. In another, they will have the world.

San Francisco indie locals Kiwi Time have wasted no time getting acquainted with their surroundings in the Bay Area. So far under their belt are legendary venues such as 111 Minna Gallery, Elbo Room, Supperclub, DNA Lounge, Cafe Cocomo, Broadway Studios, and Brick & Mortar Music Hall. Winners of the ArtRockX band competition, they have also headlined the Red Marines Music Festival and played shows in Los Angeles and New York. As a result, the band was featured on Live 105's Top Ten Local Bands in San Francisco.

Their EP "A Part of Me" (Faultline Records, 2011) was funded entirely by their loyal fans and supporters around the world through an IndieGoGo campaign. Frontwoman Anna Makovchik is the phenomenal voice behind the lyrics, complemented by the talented Yoga and Mikalai on guitars, and Vlad on drums. All friends from childhood growing up in Belarus, the band's chemistry shines through their sincere presence on stage and the originality and power of their music.

Now Kiwi Time is working in the studio on their new single “Feel You Tonight” that will see the world at the beginning of this year.



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